Increase in Working from Home; Boost Your Vigilance!

Having employees work in different offices has become the corporate construction of businesses for years now, but lately it's expanding past just the movers, plumbers and electricians. A recent trend sees more and more companies allowing employees to work off site, like in their property, a library or a nearby coffee store.

According to the poll of Income and Program Participation, the number of people who worked at home at least one day per week increased from 9.5 million in 1999 to 13.4 million in 2010. With this many people working out of the office you'd feel that questionable or problems working customs might start to arise.

As an employer you might be thinking does Becky not look like she has enough work done daily? Can she only answer half of the times you call her? Is she messing about on her Facebook during regular working hours? Is she working the whole day or is she out to lunch with her girlfriends? Together with the most well-known days of the week to work from house being Monday and Friday is Becky spending her Fridays intending her evenings and her Mondays recovering from them? If you ask yourself these kinds of queries, just know you are definitely not alone. For some employers this is so real and as such disturbing questions start to circle around, you might be trying to find a way to learn which of your workers are actually doing their job and that are not. {In's yearly Wasting Time at Work Survey, 89 percent of people admitted to wasting some amount of time on the job. For businesses that can police their employees in the workplace that does not seem like too big of a deal, but for off-site businesses which can't peek over their workers shoulder throughout the day this admission might be extremely threatening. There is a technology that permits you to do precisely that and more!

Through cell phone monitoring it is possible to monitor every text, call, email and all social media activity and more of the things Becky is doing with your company telephone. By employing Autoforward you can see if Becky is texting her girlfriends about meeting up, if she is sharing and sharing the most recent "top 10" post on her Facebook or if she is receiving the confirmation email for your apparel she was just shopping for. You can even see precisely where Becky is, whether she is really at her home or the diner on the corner with her gal pals, together with the GPS location feature. {Now, with Autoforward, you can spy on a cell phone without actually having access to it. {Protect your organization and your committed employees by weeding out the bad eggs.

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